UnitedSeats dealer Agrar Plaza present UnitedSeats in Romania 24 September, 2023

Agrar Plaza present UnitedSeats in Romania

UnitedSeats Hungarian dealer, Agrar Plaza, attended the Agromalim Expo held in Arad, Romania. The 4 day show is one of the largest Agricultural Exhibitions in Western Romania where Farming machinery and Technology are presented to the many visitors.

They had a very impressive stand full of UnitedSeats tractor and forklift seats, including the The Rancher and Rancher Pro, MGV55, LGV90/C7 Pro, LGV90/C2 Pro, CS85/C1, CS85/H90, MGV84/C1, MGV84/C6, W700, T700, LGV120/C1 and MGV120/C1 seats.

From the photos, you can see the Romanian Farmers were keen to try out our range.

We thank Tamas, Peter, Attilia and Peter for being a great ambassador for the UnitedSeats brand and we hope the show was very successful for them.