Construction seats

A construction machine seat must be able to take a knock. Firstly because construction machines operate on rough and uneven terrain and the seat is therefore subject to a high level of vibrations and shocks. Secondly it is also being used for a long time. That is why it is important to equip a construction machine with the right seat. UnitedSeats has a wide range of construction machine seats which are both air and mechanically suspended.

Increased Seat specification due to various options

As we have a large range of seat uppers and suspensions we can supply the right construction machine seat for every application and seating requirement. Additionally, our seats can be expanded with various options including a contact switch, headrest, document box, heating, armrests, pods, belts and a turntable. UnitedSeats is strong in customisation. We regularly assemble chairs to the specifications of OEM customers and our distributors. Hence our slogan: ‘We Unite Your Seat!’

The right seat for every construction machine

At United Seats you will always find the right construction machine seat for both large and small construction machines. A much chosen seat is the CS85-C1. This mechanically suspended construction machine chair is particularly suitable for the medium and large construction machines thanks to the setting options and the high seating comfort. The anatomically shaped cushions and adjustable lumbar support provide perfect support for the body.