Small Vehicle seats

UnitedSeats has a wide range of seats for small vehicles. These small machines can be for construction, agricultural or industrial usage. All seats can be fully adapted to each application and individual seating requirements. For example, they can be fitted with special suspension, or sealed skin and foam upholstery for outdoor use. As our seats are of a compact size, they fit almost all small machines.

The Unitedseats MI 560

The Unitedseats MI 560 metal pan seat is perfect for tractors and forklifts. This seat of 50 cm wide and can be used with various suspensions. The MI 560 is a popular ‘bucket’’ style seat, which is often used in tractors fitted to a narrow suspension base. The bucket seat is water resistant, excellent for vehicles with and without cab.

Unitedseats MI 1000

The Unitedseats MI 1000 is a higher back bucket seat that can be used on multiple machines, both for machines with and without cab. The MI 1000 is a space-saving static seat, which can be used in conjunction with various suspensions or as a static seat with slide rails. Due to the higher backrest the seat offers optimal support to the upper back.

UnitedSeats US20 equipped with better drainage and ventilation channels

The UnitedSeats US20 low profile semi-suspension seat is suitable for open vehicles. The cushions are equipped with better drainage and ventilation channels for optimum comfort. The integral contact switch is also water-resistant. This stylish new UnitedSeats product supersedes the GS20 and GS12 models.