Agrar Plaza with UnitedSeats Showcase truck 14 May, 2020


With Covid-19 causing a lot of temporary closures of businesses and large gatherings this has meant that many shows in our industry throughout the world have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

This is the case in Hungary with all shows being cancelled in 2020 and the foreseeable future due to the Corona virus outbreak and worries surrounding how long it will be until it is fully under control and we can go back to a ‘new’ normal.

However, our dealer in Hungary Agrar Plaza have thought out of the box and decided to show case United Seats on the road in their truck show casing the seats in the surrounding areas from their base in Oroshaza.

The showroom on the road will also look to go West of the country and try to reach as many potential customers and dealers as possible. We look forward to hearing of their successes on the road and we will continue to support them in the fantastic job they are doing in spreading the United Seats Brand across Hungary.