Maris Stekels Carlat Latvia dealer UnitedSeats 11 September, 2020


In 2018 Maris Stekels the owner of CARLAT LATVIA S.I.A. based in Riga, applied to UnitedSeats to work as our dealer in the Baltic states. Having done many field shows in 2018 and 2019 Maris has built up an excellent customer base for our products in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

He also created a great website for our seats. So it was no surprise that he received a nomination as ‘Successful Latvian Entrepreneur’ covered on Latvian TV.

As part of this TV slot they made a video of Maris and this includes clips from our UnitedSeats video. It is an excellent promotional slot and we must say well done to Maris for qualifying for such a prestigious event.

To add to his busy spell Maris can be seen making a second delivery of 24 seats (C4 AH on Marine Pedestal and CS85/C7PRO AR) to officers at the Latvian navy. Also to add to his busy schedule he found time to support his son, as his team won the LATVIAN AMBER cup for ice hockey.

Many thanks go to Maris for his support and promotion of the UNITEDSEATS range. Well done!!

See CARLAT’s promo video (2 minutes)