installation Voyager truck seat 30 April, 2024

C70 Voyager fitted to Cementbouw Mercedes truck

Our technician, Michel, has successfully installed our C70 voyager into the Mercedes Actros truck of a local cement company, Cementbouw. The driver had been complaining about the original seat and despite several attempts, he was unable to adjust it suitably to his satisfaction.

Our sales team suggested our truck seat C70 voyager which not only offered a wider seat cushion but extensive adjustability including adjustable seat cushion, tilt mechanism, adjustable damper, 3 stage lumbar support and quick release valve. As the Premium C75 Voyager with cooling and heating was not yet in stock, our team also successfully added 24v heating to the seat along with optional armrests.

The Voyager seats meet N3/M3 truck and bus seat standards and this offered the driver exactly what he was looking for and he was very pleased with his new Voyager truck seat.

Well done to Michel and the team for a fantastic installation!