UnitedSeats ISO 14001

UNITEDSEATS is aware of its social responsibility (CSR). We have set progressive goals to ensure that we improve and expand sustainability in our growing organization.

View our full environmental policy and our Certificate of Approval.

Energy policy

All workplaces are organized in accordance with the applicable health and safety requirements, guidelines and advice points. If no use is made of equipment, then it goes off and not on standby. The building has a circulation system which ensures that the heat and fresh air in the building is well distributed and does not need more heating than necessary.

A cascade pop-up ensures that the building is brought quickly to ambient temperature and then maintained at that level, so thanks to the high efficiency of the boilers, energy is saved. Solar panels areĀ  installed on the roof so we can generate our own energy.


Waste policy

We do not use any aggressive environmentally harmful cleaning methods or cleaning agents. Our boxes are largely made of recycled cardboard. In addition, it is our goal to reduce 100% of the solid waste generated during the production and assembly of our products. Cardboard, foam and paper are reused or shredded as packaging material. Plastic and steel are recycled. Pallets are reused.


Transport policy

UNITEDSEATS has a green vehicle fleet. In addition to the purchase of energy-efficient vehicles, fuel consumption is reduced by making as many call arrangements as possible with customers, and only passing by on location if necessary.

Sustainability and our employees

All material used by our employees, both office, warehouse and production personnel, is collected and recycled as much as possible. You can think of old paper and cardboard, pallets and cartridges. It is also encouraged to make as much use as possible of carpooling among employees who live together in the same neighbourhood. UNITEDSEATS also offers the possibility for social employment and reintegration programs, for people who want to get back into the workplace.

When purchasing products and services, UNITEDSEATS uses local suppliers as much as possible. We take transport and transport costs into account. We have opted for sustainable solutions for the construction of the green space for our building. But also with various other facets, we take CSR into account with our business operations.



In 2014 when we moved into our renovated building in Zwijndrecht, it allowed us to plant the spaces around our site with grasses, shrubs and trees to connect to the green farmland and spaces opposite us. This gives comfort to wildlife such as birds, insects and small animals. Equally our staff are able to enjoy this setting.