UnitedSeats ECO Rancher promo 30 March, 2021

Eco Rancher and Mechanical Rancher added to the UnitedSeats programme

As part of the progression of our product range we are introducing two additional models. Both seats are designed for the Agricultural and Construction sectors.

The Eco-Air Rancher as per US.200018 has the following features:

US.200018 Eco Rancher Fabric

  • Fabric (12v)
  • Features Elephant Black fabric
  • Pneumatic suspended seat-basic version

Optional features

  • Low back rest
  • Cushion width – 520mm
  • Mechanical Lumbar
  • Economy armrests fitted
  • Fore aft isolator
  • Standard Damper – Non adjustable

The Eco Rancher is an economy air seat for older farm tractors, telescopic handlers and small wheeled loaders. Good comfort levels are delivered by the 520mm wide seat cushion and well placed mechanical lumbar. The fore and aft isolator is very useful to counter horizontal vibrations. This Eco Rancher is also useful for economy OEM applications as well and homologated. It meets E5 and E11 and ISO 6683 and IWG 78/764.

The Mechanical Eco Rancher is a quality mechanical seat with 80m of suspension travel plus 60mm of integral height adjustment, slide rail adjustment of 210mm as well as excellent back rest recline adjustment.

See Rancher Eco air suspension:

The Mechanical Eco Rancher as Per US.200030 has the following features:

  • Features Elephant black fabric
  • Mechanical suspension seat – basic version

Optional features

  • Short back rest
  • Cushion width – 480mm
  • Economy armrest fitted

This is also homologated for farm tractors and has universal mounting centres at 260mm. This is the most popular mounting points for medium and large tractors and Agricultural machinery.

See Rancher Eco mechanical suspension:

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