MGV35 and MGV55 family photo 31 January, 2018

Meet MGV35 series newest family member: the MGV55

The MGV55 is the bigger brother of the popular MGV35. This new seat with low mechanical suspension base is equipped with contact switch and belt as standard. With this, the big brother has everything you are used to from his little brother, and plus a little extra; a ‘higher back’. An important feature, for taller drivers and for machines like reach trucks and mid-duty construction vehicles. Drivers are working in the same position for a long period of time so extra comfort in the form of a higher back support is desirable. The MGV55 provides this comfort.

The MGV35 and MGV55 have a standard seat width of 46 centimetres, and are available with a wider seat cushion of 52 centimetres. The choice of Heavy Duty water resistant PVC with drainage grooves or quality fabric trim makes both seats suitable for open or cabbed vehicles. International standards met by the MGV35 and MGV55: EN 13490 / IT1 / IT2 / EM1 to EM9.