Retro Brown Trim Seat 25 March, 2020


UnitedSeats is pleased to introduce a new retro brown trim for our CS85/C1 AR (US.203540) and the C1 AR seat upper (US.203301).

With a noticeable gap in the market for those wanting to restore their tractors with brown or beige interiors to as close as the original we had many enquiries about brown trim seats.

We have listened to our customers and produced these brown trimmed seats for the aftermarket. This version of the CS85/C1 AR is perfect for older tractors from John Deere, Dave Brown and Case to name a few.

Also using the C1 AR upper with left hand recliner and lumbar support, we can in turn make up AIR seat combinations like the LGV90/C1 AR, LGV84/C1 AR and other mechanical seats like the MGV84/C1 AR.

Please make contact with your UnitedSeats contact for further information.

Michael Hale 24/03/2020