Fendt equips telescopic handler Cargo T955 with UnitedSeats LGV90/C1. This seat is well-known for its:

  • adjustable back extension
    useful if someone is taller or shorter
  • adjustable armrests
    foldable armrests
  • adjustable backrests
    backrest to the front and back
  • 3-steps lumbar support
    Ergonomic back support
  • turntable (optional)
    practical to turn the seat to look behind if necessary and easy to get in and out of the vehicle
  • semi-automatic weight adjustment
    seat can be adjusted in height


  • air suspension with integrated 12v or 24v compressor
    air suspension with a choice of 12v or 24v, depending on the type of vehicle
  • Weight adjustment 50-135 kg
    for every body type
  • Slide rail travel 200 mm
    Slide the seat forwards and backwards
  • Suspension travel 110 mm
    The suspension has a range of 110 mm



Fendt machines with US seat

Fendt machine with US seat