UnitedSeats C7 Pro Marine 02 October, 2017

Seating Boat France achieve positive results in the Marine sector

In May our newly appointed UnitedSeats Marine dealer Seating Boat France attended the NAVEXPO show in Lorient France. Following this start Marc Maillols the Director of Seating Boat France has made some good progress. In the attached photos UnitedSeats such as the C7 Pro with accessories, CS85/C1 in PVC and fabric and the C2 Pro with accessories are shown mounted in the bridges of various fishing trawlers and workboats. The seats are either pedestal or box mounted and the feedback from his Maritime customers has been most positive.

Mr. Maillols has been pleased with the support from UnitedSeats and our French colleagues Karim M’harthi and Philippe Auroux, and hopes to land several new projects. 

Seating Boat France is based in the south of France in the town of Draguignan and we are pleased to support our new dealer in this sector.

Download the UnitedSeats Marine leaflet with more Marine seats.

UnitedSeats CS85 C1 Marine

UnitedSeats C7 Pro MarineUnitedSeats CS85 C1 Marine

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