UnitedSeats MGV35 on Thwaites ROPS+ 6 tonne dumper 06 June, 2024

Thwaites Introduce ROPS+ on 6 Tonne Dumpers

With upcoming changes in manufacturing standards coming into play in 2025, Thwaites have introduced the new concept on their 6 Tonne front mounted Dumpers, ROPS+. The purpose of the Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) is to prevent the driver being ejected from the dumper should the machine tip or roll over.

With their customers preference of open dumpers in mind, the ROPS + system is a 3 way ‘Triple lock’ safety system where the MGV35 Seat Operator Presence Switch has to be activated, the switched seat belt has been securely fastened and now the new additional latch bar is pulled down and locked into position. Once all three are in place, only then will the dumper start.

With 2 of the 3 steps being provided by the seat and belt provided by UnitedSeats, it shows the importance of the well specified seat for health and safety of the drivers.

They have also added a HALO type defence with 2 padded side panels along with the rear box providing additional safety to the operator. Thwaites recently launched the concept at the Intermat in Paris and our team were able to test the new system on their stand.

Our team and the attending visitors were very impressed.