Terberg Kinglifter 11 October, 2018

United Seats US20 and MGV35 seats are now approved for TERBERG’S King Lifter Take away forklifts trucks.

During the IAA Hannover the new ‘Take-Away forklifts from Terberg’s new  King Lifter range was presented. This new series is available from 2019 and will have our UnitedSeats US20 fitted as standard. The UnitedSeats MGV35 will be available as a deluxe option.

With the choice of the UnitedSeats US20, Terberg’s ‘King Hitchhiker’ offers drivers a comfortable, compact and low profile suspension seat. The seat and back cushion are ergonomically designed and offer support to the lower body and upper Legs. Weight setting, Lumbar support and back position can be adjusted to suit the drivers comfort.

Optionally available with even more seating comfort
If you choose a Terberg ‘King Lifter’ forklift from the new series equipped with UnitedSeats MGV35, then this  seat is equipped with a compact yet extra strong suspension with an extensive weight range adjustement of 50-140kgs.As a further option, The MGV35 is also strong enough to take a mounting plate for joystick console.

We wish users of the new range of ‘Take-Away’ forklift ‘King Lifter VE’ trucks from Terberg a very comfortable ride.


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Terberg UnitedSeats US20        Terberg UnitedSeats US20


UnitedSeats US20

UnitedSeats MGV35

UnitedSeats MGV35