UnitedSeats new seat Mi500 09 December, 2016

UnitedSeats introduce new lightweight Mi500 seat pan

The new Mi500 is a multi-purpose lightweight seat made of a robust hard PVC one piece shell.
It weighs only 6 kgs. It is an ideal pan seat for small ground care, construction, agricultural and industrial vehicles and forklift trucks.

The Mi500 can be used as a static seat or can be fitted to a variety of UnitedSeats suspensions such as the MGV25, LGV84 and MGV84.

The seat is comfortable with an integral skin and foam construction. The seat and back cushions have drainage channels leading to a central large drainage and ventilation hole to the rear of the seat, making it ideal for all weather applications. The cushions are replaceable.

On the underneath of the strong PVC shell are a variety of mounting holes to take slide rails. The seat is also strong enough to take a retractable seat belt as shown in the photos. In due course a sensor switch option will be available.

The Mi500 will be on the market in the first quarter of 2017.

Mi500 safety belt Mi500  Mi500 front Mi500 sideMi500 back Mi500 under