US.362000 UnitedSeats FA416 knee hinge rail pedestal suspension 22 September, 2021

UnitedSeats knee hinge rail pedestal

UnitedSeats newest project sees the brand moving towards rail applications. The FA-416-1 knee hinge pedestal is a classic suspension for older rail locomotives. A range of UnitedSeats seat uppers can be fitted and made to EN45545 to meet rail standards in our trim shop.

The pedestal offers 8 levels of weight adjustment at 10 kg increments from 60kg to 130kg. The suspension stands at 332mm and can be fitted with a turntable as an option. It has a multi hole bolting pattern on the base to support fitting.

This FA-416-1 suspension was widely used in the 1980’s through to the 2000’s on new rail engines and trams. This was typical in that era as cabins were very compact and needed compact and tall suspensions.

As shown in the photos the pedestal fitted with the C1, C4, C5 and C8 uppers. All other UnitedSeats uppers can be mounted onto the pedestal.

For retrofit applications to older equipment our C1 and C5 models may be more suitable due to these being more compact. For larger cabins the likes of the C4 and C8 options come into play.

The pedestal is also a good option for marine applications, specifically for the captain’s seat on the bridge. This can also be used in various crane applications.

This FA-416-1 UnitedSeats knee hinge rail pedestal has part number US.362000.