UnitdSeats at Intermat 2024 08 April, 2024

UnitedSeats presents construction machine seats at INTERMAT 2024

INTERMAT Paris 2024 is the premier gathering for professionals in the construction and civil engineering industry. This event will highlight eco-friendly construction practices, including the latest machinery and construction machine seats from UnitedSeats. Join us from April 24 to 27, at Hall 5A, Stand F007.

Experience unparalleled comfort and support with construction machine seats from UnitedSeats: designed with luxury and ergonomics in mind for pain-free operation. This year at INTERMAT Paris 2024, we’re excited to unveil a wide selection of construction machine seats from our exclusive brand, UnitedSeats.

Introducing the UnitedSeats Rancher and Highlander models, both equipped with essential features like weight adjustment, adjustable shock absorbers, height adjustment, and horizontal suspension. They also boast luxury adjustable armrests and mechanical lumbar support for added comfort. The Rancher model elevates the luxury further with a standard swivel plate. Both seats adhere to E5 – (ISO 3776-2 & EU 1322/2018) standards and offer a variety of mounting options for easy installation.

Highlighting our collection:

  • The Highlander Pro and standard Highlander seats, featuring 24 Volt fabric and air suspension for supreme comfort.
  • The Rancher Std seat, also with air suspension.
  • The LGV120/C8 and CS85 series provide additional options for shock absorption, tilt and depth adjustments, and lumbar support, catering to various seating preferences and needs.
  • CS85/C1 and CS85/C2 seats are are popular construction machine seats , height-adjustable with mid-height backs. 
  • The compact US20 seat is designed for small construction machines, offering mechanical suspension with a low profile for limited spaces

For smaller construction machines, our UnitedSeats MGV35 & MGV55 series offer comfort and flexibility, with adjustable and foldable backrests to fit small cabins easily.

Moreover, we provide a range of waterproof bucket seats, lightweight and comfortable, suitable for various applications.

Finally, in addition to construction machine seats, we also have seat components including Gessman joysticks, Sittab armrests on display. Be amazed by our seating solutions and come and meet us and test sit during INTERMAT 2024, 24- 27 April: Hall 5A standF007!