VLV Servis fit UnitedSeats-LGV120/C7 Pro into Komatsu 11 March, 2023

VLV Servis fit LGV120/C7 Pro into Komatsu

Our Slovakian dealer, VLV Servis, have installed our LGV120/C7 Pro ARG Super seat into a Komatsu PC240NLC excavator.

The VLV team had to use all of their expertise and guile to install the seat, navigating the narrow cabin and joys stick consoles. Their persistence paid off and seat now takes pride of place in the vehicle.

The LGV120/C7 Pro ARG is a great seat for construction vehicles with its heavy duty suspension, armrests and can be fitted with a vast array of seat belt options.

It is another fantastic application from the VLV team and we thank them for their efforts.

US.204800 UnitedSeats LGV120/C7 Pro ARG