UnitedSeats Voyager new luxury truck and bus seat 27 February, 2024

Voyager seats scheduled to arrive in April

 Visitors to the UnitedSeats website will find a new category under the ‘PRODUCTS’ section. This is ‘TRUCK SEATS’ and therein you will find the new ‘VOYAGER’ seats for heavy trucks and buses. There are 2 series C60 Comfort and C65 Premium and C70 Comfort and C75 premium.

These seats comply with N3 (Trucks over 12 tonnes) and buses (over 9 seats) having been tested in Europe at the IDIADA test institute in Tarragona, Spain on the 26th June 2023. (Reg. No 14R09/02). They are built in our joint venture factory in Asia and supplied to leading OEMs in the Asian market. The seats have been initially supplied to 2 leading UnitedSeat dealers in Europe and met with very positive reactions.

The senior management and sales teams of UnitedSeats have a wealth of experience in the seating sector and have been very impressed with the functionality and features of these seats. David Hale (Business Development Director) says” The cushion comfort levels and dimensions of the seat provide an excellent natural comfort when seated, then when you add the 3-position lumbar device you really can tailor the back cushion and bolsters to fit your back shape”. David adds “Then when you go up to the Premium versions (C65 and C75) you can really enjoy the benefits of of heating and cooling from our Clima system. This really provides excellent well being for drivers in summer and winter!”

After supplying initial seats in Fabric and Eco leather we will now launch the product in full grey hard wearing fabric combinations. This is to suit most truck and bus interiors and is neither too light nor too dark in colour.

The C60 and 65 models are available with left hand controls and seat belts, and the C70 and C75 versions are available in both left hand and right hand arrangements.

The range will be available via (official) UnitedSeats dealers from April 2024 onwards, these provide competitive options for the truck and bus driver sectors.