MGV35 Heister Yale 17 August, 2016

Newest seat MGV 35 introduced on Nacco machines

Nacco, the manufacturer of the Yale and Hyster machines, decided to use our newest seat MGV 35 on some types of their machines.

For the Nacco machines our MGV 35 will be suited with their special supplied contact switch. We are in talks with other companies who will follow Nacco soon. Our brand new seat will be introduced step by step this autumn and will be used on more machines from then. We are very pleased the MGV 35 is already so well received by Nacco.

The MGV 35 is suitable for all types of agricultural, forklift and other small machinery and is available with several options. International standards met by the MGV 35: EN 13490 / IT1 / IT2 / EM2 / EM4 / EM5 / EM7 / EM8


Specifications MGV 35

Standard features
· Mechanical suspension
· Weight adjustment 50-130kg
· Suspension travel 80mm
· Slide rail travel 180mm
· Heavy duty PVC trim
· Seat width 460mm
· Foldable and adjustable backrest
· Seat belt

· UnitedSeats fabric trim
· Mechanical lumbar support
· Adjustable armrests
· Headrest
· Contact switch

Download the MGV 35 specifications
Download the MGV 35 leaflet

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