UnitedSeats Team iVT expo 2022 13 July, 2022

Successful participation of UnitedSeats at iVT Expo 2022

At the iVT Expo 2022 in Cologne, Germany, UnitedSeats showed a variety of new and innovative seating options from our own UnitedSeats brand. The expo was a success and the stand was well visited, which resulted in a lot of interesting conversations about the extensive range of seats and products UnitedSeats has to offer.

Popular UnitedSeats seats
On our stand, we showed the popular MGV55 and MGV35 seats. Both are extremely suitable seats for construction machines and forklifts. A cross-section of the MGV55 was also shown, so that the inner workings of the seat could be examined properly. This way, the construction of the seat, the operation of the frame, the distribution of foam and the use of the weight adjustment are clearly shown.

High-end armrests
On our stand a variety of high-end armrests were shown, which can be mounted on the UnitedSeats seats. Visitors could see the ergonomic armrests of Sittab, but also the joystick consoles of Gessmann; these consoles work as a replacement armrest, because the original armrest is replaced by a modified armrest in combination with a joystick console.

Durable fabric made from PET bottles
The very popular new fabric ‘Regain’ which is made entirely from recycled PET bottles was featured on our new UnitedSeats C8 seat. It received a lot of attention and proved very interesting for many people who came to the stand.

More information
If you would like to find out more about our latest innovation, the ‘Regain’ fabric upholstery made from fully recycled bottles, please see our brochure ‘Seat fabric of woven bottles‘. Would you like information on another product you saw or discussed at our stand? Please contact UnitedSeats at info@unitedseats.com and we will put you in touch with the right person.


UnitedSeats LGV95/C8 Pro AR fabric of woven bottles with joystick console